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All you need is a plan

Monday - Saturday

09:00 AM 07:00 PM

Major Machinery

1Welding Rectifier (400 Amps)200 Nos.
2Welding Generator (Electric) 400 Amps08 Nos.
3Welding Generator (Diesel) 400 Amps04 Nos.
4Welding Inverter 400 Amps200 Nos.
5Broach Cutting30 Nos.
6Hammering Drilling Machines30 Nos.
7Magnetic Drilling Machines10 Nos.
8Argon Set100 Nos.
9Cutting Set (Gas)200 Nos.
10Pug Cutting Machines20 Nos.
11Winch 5 Mt/ 10Mt (Electrical)05 Nos.
12AG4 Grinding Machines150 Nos.
13AG5 Grinding Machines200 Nos.
14AG7 Grinding Machines200 Nos.
1514'' Cutting machines40 Nos.
16Chain Pulley Block 2 Ton to 10 Ton400 Nos.
17Pulling and Lifting Machines 2Mt To 5Mt08 Nos.
18Jackscrew (Machines) 10MT - 50MT18 Nos.
19Jackscrew (Hydraulic) 10MT - 50MT08 Nos.
20Pipe Binding Machines15 Nos.
21Structural Bending Machines05 Nos.
22Hydraulic Test Pressure Pump40 Nos.
23Motorized Hydraulic Test Pressure Pump19 Nos.
24Scaffolding Pipe5000 mtr.
25Scaffolding Jali450 Nos.
26Mother Oven25 Nos.
27Portable Oven250 Nos.
28Vernier Calipers20 Nos.
29Hydra Crane 12 MT Cap02 Nos.
30Farana02 Nos.