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All you need is a plan

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A. R. Engineering Company (ARE)


A. R. ENGINEERING CO. is engaged in fabrication and erection of piping, structures, equipment, civil and maintenance work for turnkey industrial projects and service industries.

We are committed to:

We at A. R. ENGINEERING CO. shall consistently play an active role to meet quality, safety and reliability requirements in all phases of our activities, in compliance with applicable statutory and regulatory requirements as applicable.

Striving for excellence through customer care shall be way of life!


A. R. ENGINEERING CO. is engaged in industrial project work including civil construction, piping, structural fabrication and erection of equipment and service maintenance for various industries in India.

A. R ENGINEERING CO. is committed to carry out their activities in environmental friendly manner for sustainable development and environmental protection by complying with the requirements of these international standards.

Striving for environmental excellence shall be way of life!

A. R. Engineering Company (ARE)